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Please note Lower Buckton is a multi-national, supermarket-free zone. We do NOT shop in huge, ‘out of town food stores’ whose names I will not mention here. We prefer to spend our money within the local business community, with people we know and have a connection with the food they sell – also at a competitive price.

Organic Ethos – Our own home-grown vegetables and fruit are grown on organic principles and when there’s a local choice to buy organic, this is what we do. When we’ve hens they scrat about and are fed on organic feed.

Organic producers, shops and suppliers – Bacheldre Mill for organic flours, Myriad Organics in Ludlow for groceries, Netherend Butter, Neals Yard Creamery for creme fraiche, yoghurt, cream fromage frais and cheeses.

Apart from growing and producing our own free-range, rare-breed Berkshire pigs which turn into the most delicious pork, we keep a few hens for eggs, have our fruit trees and an extremely plentiful vegetable garden.

Game, including venison, pheasant, partridge, quail and rabbit come wild from the forest, local estates and farms.

We love fish but don’t serve a lot of sea-fish because we feel that it doesn’t really sum up our ‘local food’ ethos. However, we do serve a lot of locally fished rainbow trout, brown trout (when we can get it), wild, organic or smoked salmon and make delicious home-cured gravadlax.

We take pride in all our food cooked at Lower Buckton, vegetables are served in season, the meats are top quality and the other ingredients carefully chosen. Obviously we use some imported foods – where would we be without wonderful pungent spices, coconuts and lemons for example? But our philosophy is to use what we can in season throughout the year. The anticipation of Seville oranges arriving for marmalade-making after Christmas, autumnal figs and September pineapples at their best, the best Hunza apricots are all examples of the Food Calender. Our style of cooking is simply Classic Country with a Twist. Let us know what you like and we’ll devise a menu to suit from what’s available at the time of you visit.

Here are some more of our LOCAL PRODUCERS and SUPPLIERS – this is by no means a definitive list. One of the most exciting things about shopping locally is meeting new producers and experiencing new tastes all the time.

Mawley Town Farm Dairy, near Ludlow – non-homogenised milk and cream from the family herd on the farm. Blue top – rich and with cream on the top. Delivered to Leintwardine Garage Shop.

Netherend Butters from just over the border into Gloucestershire. A variety of butters including Organic made from Mawley Town Farm milk and delivered to Leintwardine Garage Shop.

Leintwardine Garage Shop – “open all hours” and great for general groceries including Silver Spoon UK sugars, local honey, local fruit and vegetables. Also loo paper and the blessed Fairy Liquid. Daily newspapers, magazines, petrol and diesel. There’s a Post Office and garage work-shop too. All very self-sufficient! Privately owned and run by local family and workforce. A gem of a village store.

AH Griffiths, Butchers, Leintwardine – award winning sausages, traditional home-cured bacon and locally reared beef, lamb, poultry and game – this butcher has its own slaughter-house at the rear of the premises. Complete with old marble slab in the window, this is the place to go for some traditional butcher banter! Also local vegetables and fruit from the village and fresh bread daily (see below).

Richard Swift’s Bakery on Clee Hill for fabulous, organic sunflower and grain breakfast bread, grainy harvester and nutty Shropshire brown bread. To make things even better, these wonderful breads are delivered daily to the butchers’ shop in Leintwardine. Or visit one of the shops in Ludlow and Craven Arms.

Kirkennel Fruit Farm near Ludlow – for strawberries in season – available from the Ludlow Food Centre.

The Ludlow Nut Company, Ludlow Market – all manner of dried fruits, nuts and seeds including a fab mix called Fruits of the Forest which are mixed into Lower Buckton’s own recipe muesli.

Bacheldre Watermill, Churchstoke, Shropshire – artisan millers of exceptional, organic flours – simply the best for all cooking and baking – the ONLY ones to use. The range is available from the Ludlow Food Centre.

“Herefordshire Cider, Perry and Beer” plus local wine – too many small artisan producers to mention here. Just take your pick from what’s on offer in the Ludlow Food Centre.

Poultry – free-range fowl find their way to the Aga, pot and freezer. The taste is of something vaguely remembered from childhood – of what chicken used to be – true flavour long forgotten! When did you last see light and dark meat on a super-market chicken or even a supposed ‘free-range’ one? The stock obtained from the carcasses makes the most amazing soups too. The livers are pert, plump and perfect for frying and making pate. Available from the Ludlow Food Centre butchery counter.

The Ludlow Food Centre at Bromfield – a little over half-way between Leintwardine and Ludlow. Our other “corner shop”. A local food emporium with wonderful Butchery department selling meat from its own estate surrounding Bromfield. The Dairy produces yoghurts, cheeses and crème fraiche from milk from its own estate dairy herd. The Bakery produces artisan breads and the Green Grocery sells fruit and vegetables from the estate and the local area. The tomato ketchup and brown sauce you’ll find on our breakfast table is made on the premises in Bromfield and lush it is too! Call in here on your way home – you’ll encounter extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff.

The Mouse Trap, Harp Lane Deli and Broad Bean, all privately owned delicatessen shops in Ludlow and they all amazing selections of cheese with loads of local ones including cheeses made at the Monkland Dairy such as Little Hereford, Monkland & Hereford Sage. Ragstone, an unpasturised goat’s milk cheese and Finn, an organic unpasturised cow’s milk are from the Neals Yard Creamery, Dorstone, Herefordshire. The Malvern Cheesewrights Company in Worcestershire make a much commented on sheep’s milk cheese, called funnily enough, Malvern. We’re also very fond of Mrs Appleby’s Cheshire cheese, confusingly made at Hawkstone in Shropshire using unpasturised milk from the family’s herd of dairy cows. We normally have a good cheese selection which is served with our special homemade oat cakes and homemade chutney.

Park Farm, Brimfield, Ludlow – organic farm producing potatoes, roots and greens

The Fruit Basket, Church St, Ludlow – for local vegetables & fruit when our garden’s a little thin!

The Olive Press, Ludlow Market – occasionally I get a yearning for a specialist supplier of all manner of marinated olives, peppers and award winning oils. A small, committed company based near Ludlow – I just love them! Try some before dinner, maybe.

Forage Fine Foods in Herefordshire for specialist sauces.

Celtic Marches in Herefordshire for apple brandy and liqueurs

Shepherds Ice Cream, Hay on Wye – deliciously flavoured ices made from sheep’s milk.

Tipsy Fruit Gins, Tipsage Farm, Tenbury Wells – the only alcohol for your hip flask! However, we do make a lot ourselves. Hic!

Penderyn Distillery, Breconshire – for Brecon Special Reserve Dry Gin which has been distilled in the Brecon Hills and just perfect for ‘ice and a slice’ and makes a fab refreshing G&T Jelly!

Farmers’ Produce Markets – there is a bi-monthly “Local to Ludlow” Farm Market in The Square, Ludlow and a regular Farmers’ Market in Knighton – good hunting-grounds for local honey & jams (for if mine are in short supply!)

Harry Tuffins at Craven Arms – Iconic shop, not really like a super-market, just a giant shop run by a local family for local people and very good at stocking local produce alongside the usual stuff – has a great £pound£ shop too!! Please note: The Co-op has bought all the other branches styled “Harry Tuffins”. Only the Craven Arms shop remains privately owned and run by the founding Delves Family. We do not shop in any of the Co-op-owned branches

We are both members of Slow Food and Carolyn sits on the committee of Slow Food Ludlow Marches which holds events throughout the year. For more information visit