Breakfast Menu – Seasonal, local and ethical British food.

Lower Buckton's sausages

Lower Buckton’s sausages.  Everyone who knows us and has stayed here understands our total commitment to local, seasonal UK food and our total aversion to produce from multi-national supermarkets.  On our Slow Food page is more information and a list of just some of our local producers and suppliers.  We don’t just talk about using local and seasonal food whenever possible.  We actually mean what we say and do it! Every day of the year.  If it’s not available you won’t get an imported substitute.



A little bite of AGA Love!

Lower Buckton’s award-winning, proper country breakfasts are AGA cooked especially for you.


All set up for a House-Party Breakfast

























The following are nearly always available………

  • Natural Herefordshire apple juice from our un-sprayed Lower Buckton trees
  • Locally made, natural yoghurt.  Sometimes organic.
  • Lower Buckton’s own muesli mix
  • Organic porridge served with various fruit syrups, cream, or Welsh whisky
  • Fresh, seasonal fruit or poached fruits in season
  • Lower Buckton’s free-range & organically fed hens’ eggs cooked “anyhow”
  • UK grown, flat-cap field mushrooms baked with butter and fresh herbs
  • Buckton or local tomatoes baked in Shropshire rape oil with fresh green herbs.  Never out of season imports.
  • Griffiths’ Leintwardine home-cured Aga-grilled bacon
  • Griffiths’ Leintwardine prize-winning Aga-griddled thick pork sausages
  • Welsh mustards, LFC tomato ketchup & spicy brown sauce.
  • Mr Swift’s organic sunflower & grain and Shropshire brown breads to toast
  • Herefordshire or Shropshire farmhouse butter
  • Honey from Leintwardine bees or thereabouts
  • Lower Buckton’s famous Seville orange marmalade which over the years has won Gold at the World Marmalade Awards.
  • Lower Buckton homemade fruit preserves
  • Marmite of course! Love it or hate!
  • Taylor’s of Harrogate loose-leaf Yorkshire tea. Not local but the best!
  • Speciality organic fruit infusions & Lower Buckton’s fresh water-mint tisane
  • Lavazza ground coffee brewed to proper strength! Not local either but it supports Slow Food International

*Everything is cooked to order.  We do not expect you to pre-order the night before!

Here are just a few extra ideas for house parties and special requests.  Just let us know what you’d like or tell us your favourites …..

  • Bubble and squeak
  • Kedgeree based on Carolyn’s recipe featured on UKTV and published in The Peoples Cook Book
  • Eggs Benedict
  • Potato fries with fennel
  • Smoked salmon with scrambled eggs
  • Eggs Arnold Bennet
  • Fresh herb omelette
  • Cheese & herb buns
  • Homemade English muffins
  • Fruit buns



  • Mushroom and herb omelette with our own home-cured bacon.

    Mushroom and herb omelette

  • What you’ll NOT find in your traditional English farmhouse breakfast at Lower Buckton
    • Cornflakes or any other imported, sugar-coated cereal
    • Baked beans
    • Tinned tomatoes
    • Gloopy orange juice or any other pulverised juice from sub-standard fruit
    • Out of season, imported tomatoes
    • Margarine, spreads or anything pretending to be butter
    • Teabags of any description
    • Instant coffee
    • Anything which isn’t full-cream milk
    • Blueberries, strawberries & raspberries in the middle of winter
    • Maple syrup
    • American-style muffins and pancakes.  What’s wrong with an English muffin and pancake?
    • Frozen, bought-in pastries & croissants
    • “Things in packets”
    • Imported fruit
    • Black pudding – because we don’t like it!
    The Girls - without none of this would be possible!

    The Girls – without none of this would be possible!


    Take six eggs and spot the odd one out.


    A winter breakfast – hence no watery, out of season, imported tomatoes!


    Poached rhubarb, local yogurt and summer porridge. Do you like my vintage, metal sign? Originally from an old grocer’s shop and would have been spiked into a whole ham on the counter, for slicing to order.

Our marmalade's been described as the best ever tasted & over the years we've won numerous Golds at the World Marmalade Awards.

Our marmalade’s been described as the best ever tasted & over the years we’ve won numerous Golds at the World Marmalade Awards.